Friday, March 26, 2010

Introducing the Swift Adirondack Pack Canoe - New for 2010

Swift has developed a line of Pack Canoes that are styled off our popular Adirondack kayaks. The Adirondack Pack Canoes are lightweight, beautiful, offer great paddling performance and kayak like comfort! They are finished with our Carbon Kevlar Trim, Comfort Flex Kayak Seat and Kayak Foot braces. While they are referred to as ‘Pack Canoes’ in the Paddlesports industry, most of the paddlers who use them, paddle them in a low seated position with a kayak paddle.

As shown in Kevlar Fusion this little beauty weighs in at just 20lbs!

Stop by our Gravenhurst store or the Spring Cottage Life show to see these awesome new boats!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing Barracuda

Swift is now offering our Kevlar Fusion Canoes and Kayaks with in our exciting new Barracuda® cloth. This cloth has an aluminized finish built right into it and gives the boat the stunning sheen of 3D steel.

But, good looks are only half of the story.
Combined with the Swift Kevlar Fusion laminate,the Barracuda® cloth creates a boat that is strong, lightweight, durable and very unique!

Drop by one of our stores, or upcoming trade shows to see these beauties for yourself!