Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sneak Preview Part IV- The Creation of the New Swift Prospector Series

A new canoe is born.

The Swift team took a well deserved break for the holidays, but that doesn't mean we sat around sipping egg nog all day. We've got a lot of things in store for 2011 and beyond, so we've been focused this off-season on designing and implementing several new designs. In part 5 of the Sneak Preview Series, Swift Canoe & Kayak is excited to bring you another behind-the-scenes look at 2 new canoe models we've got in store for 2011.

Back in Part I of the "Sneak Preview" series we showed you the building of a Swift prototype. Well, that wasn't the only prototype being built at the time. Forever mischievous, we wanted to save a few surprises until later (and we still can't tell you the name of that first prototype. Not just yet.). David Yost and the Factory Team have designed and tooled 3 new canoe moulds for the 2011 season, and now is the time to unveil them. So without further ado, we present to you 2 new additions to the Swift Prospector Canoe Series, the Prospector 15 and 17.

The plug is made from hand-laid pine wood strips by our principal designer David Yost. From here, the plug will go to our factory where a final mould will be created for large-scale production. You can see DY in action in Part 1 of the Sneak Preview series here: http://swiftoutdoors.blogspot.com/2010/11/behind-scenes-new-swift-prototype-is.html

The completed Prospector 15 plug the day it arrived at the shop. Once the plug is completed, it is test paddled by the Swift staff so we can finalize mould specifications, seat placements, yoke placement, and so on.

The Prospector canoe design has been a figurehead of Canadian canoeing since the beginning, but it's design has been stagnant for the last several decades. And that's not a bad thing; the Prospector design has maintained itself because of its strong performance and versatility. People always say, "if it ain't broke, don't fit it," but at Swift we believe that just because it isn't broken doesn't mean we can't improve it. So that's what we did.

After consulting with the Swift manufacturing team and our designer David Yost, we went about re-shaping the Prospector design and expanding the capabilities of classic Canadian canoe designs. These new models offer more versatility than the traditional Prospector and give paddlers a better mix of options when searching for the "classic" canoe to suit their needs.

The Prospector 15 is our way of showing that we were listening to our devoted followers when they asked us for a smaller symmetrical tandem canoe. Designed with the solo paddler in mind, but considerate of the tandem tripper, the Prospector 15 is equal parts fast and smooth. It's quick and maneuverable in a solo position, and smooth and stable as a tandem. It offers paddlers a better multi-purpose canoe for solo and/or tandem adventure tripping.

The Prospector 15 waiting to go out on its first test paddle.

The Prospector 17, meanwhile, has all the classic features of the Prospector design but with a higher weight capacity. For paddlers who need space for gear, kids, or pets, it's got a high-volume hull design that offers great stability. It's also surprisingly responsive for its size, making it a great fit for young families or for those who like to pack everything including the kitchen sink when they go tripping.

The Prospector 17 plug in it's very first photo shoot at Swift Headquarters in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

The completed Prospector 17 mould, ready for production at the Swift Factory in South River, Ontario.

The Prospector 15 and 17 will be available for order at the Toronto International Boat Show, going on at the Direct Energy Center from January 8th to the 16th. And to top it off, we'll be showcasing the very FIRST Prospector 17 during the 2nd week of the show. So if you want to come see them first hand, come down for the second week of TBS and you can see the Prospector 17 in the flesh. And as we've hinted before, we will be unveiling more new stuff leading up to the Toronto Boat Show. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to speed on all the latest news!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well, it's the last day of Swiftmas. And we HAVE to go out with a bang. It just wouldn't be right if we didn't. So for TODAY ONLY, we're offering $700 off ANY new Kevlar Fusion or Carbon Fusion boat. Yep, $700 cajones off ANY Kevlar Fusion or Carbon Fusion canoe or kayak in stock. These prices won't be lower at the Toronto Boat Show, or in the Spring, or at any other time in the next 17 years (give or take). So if you've been twiddling your thumbs about whether or not to splurge on a new boat, now is the time to throw caution to the wind and get a boat at an insanely low price. So power dial your phone and call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 and see what's in stock. You can also check out the inventory online at www.swiftoutside.com and click on the 'Boat Inventory' link. Don't delay, after today our stock boats will go back to regular retail prices and we're going to covet them like the beautiful unicorns that they are!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The SWIFTMAS Self-Imposed Hiatus is Over! IT'S BAAACCKK!

Well, Swiftmas is almost over.... I know, I know, it's tragic. And our apologies for the 2 day hiatus. We're not going to offer any excuses (although there are some good ones that I came up with- like the fact I slept in yesterday), so we're going to claim that it was an intentional tactic to build suspense. Exhilarating huh? So to make up for our jerkish tactics, we're going to go out with a bang. A boat bang! So for TODAY ONLY, all of our new Kevlar Fusion and Carbon Fusion boats are $500 OFF! That's right, ANY new canoe or kayak in our inventory is $500 off the regular retail price. We've got plenty of kayaks, including some in our new Aqua color scheme, and boatloads of canoes in all makes and models (see what I did there? Ha, boatloads...). We've got Adirondacks, Kiwassas, Saranacs, and the like. We've got Kipawas, Algonquins, Keewaydins, Dumoines, you name it. You can even check our inventory online at http://www.swiftcanoe.com/sales/index.htm. So call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 and pick up a great boat today. This is your second to last chance to capitalize on Swiftmas!Ka-BOOM!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, it's time to pull out the big guns...

The Swift posse likes to row, especially since some of us rowed in university, and not only is it great exercise but it's also a great way to splash your coach with a huge rowing oar! What can I say... we like to enjoy ourselves. So for TODAY ONLY, we’re going to put up one of our Alden Rowing Shells for an unreal price. This tandem rowing shell is normally $7495 with 2 sets of splash-efficient carbon hatchet oars, but today we’re selling it off for only $6995! With those savings, you could buy the world’s biggest super soaker and drench your rowing buddies from the comfort and safety of the dock. Some people say that's mean, but we here at Swift say Game On! This sweet rowing shell is cherry red, comes with riggers, lightweight carbon hatchet oars, and it will make you the world’s greatest rower. That’s a fact. Yeah that's a little exaggerated, but hey, enthusiasm sells. Whoo! Yeah!! Rowing!! Row yourself into Swift Muskoka and check it out, or give us a call splash free at 1-800-661-1429 for more information.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sneak Preview Part III- Introducing Swift's Newest Kayak Paint Scheme

Welcome paddlers to Part III of our "Sneak Preview Series." We're going to give you another inside look at a new design we have in store for 2011! In Part II we showcased our new "Aqua" color scheme and the response has been unbelievable, but this one is even even cooler...

Swift Canoe & Kayak is proud to unveil the all-new "Glacier" two-tone kayak color scheme! This new color scheme uses the "Aqua" color as a base coat, then carefully adds accents in "Sky Blue" around the deck line. The result is an awesome paint scheme that's bright, colorful, and very unique. This new design will be available for order and purchase beginning with the Toronto International Boat Show, going on Jan 8th-16th at the Toronto Direct Energy Center. This year we'll be pulling out all the stops for TBS. We've got a new and expanded booth space, a showcase booth for some new product lines we're carrying next year, plus all the latest Swift designs! And there are even more new products coming too, so keep an eye out for Part IV of the "Swift Sneak Preview Series" coming soon.

So without further ado, here's a glimpse at the FIRST all-new Glacier kayak made by the Swift Factory Team in South River, Ontario. It's a Kevlar Fusion Saranac 14.6 with a Champagne hull and a Glacier deck. This boat will be coming with us to the Toronto Boat Show, so if you're heading to the boat show come visit our booth and check it out!

sitting next to our original "Glacier" scheme (a Saranac 14LV with Barracuda hull)

A line-up of boats being organized for the Toronto Boat Show. There are 2 other new color schemes in this pic (that we haven't told you about yet either. See them?)

Front and center!

Gotta love that new boat shine

Paddle me

We've got a lot of new things in development at Swift, so keep checking in on The Paddler blog, our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed for all the latest news. More coming soon...


Well here we are, the 8th day of Swiftmas! And I gotta tell ya, I'm running out of sweet deals to give you. But I tell ya what, I'll cut you all a kick-bum deal anyway, just because you're so awesome. So for TODAY ONLY, Swift is offering 25% off ALL Badger paddles. And if that wasn't sweet enough, with the purchase of any Badger paddle you also get a FREE Paddle Sock. It's like getting a sports car with free insurance.... except it's a paddle and you can't drive with it. But you CAN use it as a means of transportation, so if you don't own a car, it's as cool as getting a free ride to the local roller rink. That's sweet right? I love roller skating! So paddle your way over to Swift Muskoka or Swift South River and pick up a great paddle in time for Christmas. Sure, you can't use it until spring, but if I've taught you all anything, it's that paddling is awesome and that Badger paddles are the way to impress all your friends. You might not be in high school anymore, but I guarantee if you have a Badger paddle you'll be more popular than the high school chess champion (not that I don't love chess) Call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or J-stroke on over and grab the best paddles out there. Checkmate!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SWIFTMAS DAY 7 IS HERE! Transport your canoe or kayak with ease!

(props to www.paddlinginstructor.com for the great pic)

We’re one week into Swiftmas and things are heating up. Or cooling down, since it’s -20 here in Gravenhurst and even that’s a little frosty for us. But on the warmer side of things, today it’s all about boat transport. When you have to get your boat from Point A to Point B, a boat transport kit is a lot safer (and warmer!) than driving with the windows down and holding onto the boat. Not that we’ve ever tried that or anything. So for TODAY ONLY, all of our boat transport items are 25% OFF! That includes straps, canoe blocks, kayak blocks, and more! We’ve got canoe transport kits (regular retail is $75), kayak transport kits (regular retail $70), a variety of different canoe blocks, and cam straps of all different lengths and colors. Give us a call toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or transport yourself over to Swift Muskoka or Swift South River and check it out!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow, we're halfway through Swiftmas and we still haven't managed to clear out our huge overstock on skirts. We've got a heaping boatload of them in our stock room, so now is your chance to pick one up so we can FINALLY dig out some paddles we stashed away in 2008 but can't seem to locate. They're in there somewhere, but we sure can't find them. So for TODAY ONLY, we're going to make all our skirts 25% OFF! We've got overstock on our own Swift skirts, as well as others from Harmony, Immersion Research, and Wilderness Systems. We've got splash skirts, spray skirts, touring skirts, you name it! So if you're tired of sitting in a wet boat because your paddling partner thinks its funny to splash you, now is your chance to fight the power put an end to his (or her) shenanigans with the help of a great skirt. Call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or stop into Swift Muskoka or Swift South River to pick one up!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SWIFTMAS CONTINUES! Today it's all about FREE Swiftwear!

On the 5th day of Swiftmas my true love said to me, I WANT FREE STUFF! Well, since I didn’t have a partridge in a pear tree readily available, I figured that some free Swiftwear would be equally awesome (and really, a partridge? Come on, be reasonable). So for TODAY ONLY, you’ll receive a FREE Swift hat with a purchase over $100, and a FREE Swift hat AND T-shirt with ANY boat purchase. So if you’ve noticed that UV rays are starting to affect your hairline, or if you simply don’t want to do your laundry, pop into Swift Muskoka and Swift South River and see what we’ve got! Besides, all the cool kids wear Swift clothes. It’s the coolest thing since Twitter. Which we’re on now, by the way. Check us out, www.twitter.com/Swift_Canoe.

Monday, December 6, 2010


We here at Swift appreciate the benefits of positive buoyancy, especially when we tip our boats over (which hardly ever happens, I swear). And as such, we like to keep some nice PFD’s around. So for TODAY ONLY, we’re going to offer all our Facebook fans the chance to float like a butterfly with the help of a great PFD (but we won’t sting like a bee!). We have a huge selection of overstock on great brands including Harmony and Kokatat, so give us a call or stop in and see what’s available (or you can check out http://swiftoutdoorcentres.com/pfd/ for more information) We’ve got Harmony LP and AF series jackets in a mix of colors and materials, and a variety of Kokatat models including the Bahia and the Orbit. So go ahead, buy a nice PFD and give yourself or a loved one the gift of positive buoyancy for Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on floating! Call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or stop by Swift Muskoka or Swift South River to pick one up!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SWIFTMAS CONTINUES! 25% OFF Scotty Fishing Accessories TODAY ONLY!

25% off Scotty Fishing Accessories TODAY ONLY!

Day 3 is here and we figured, hey, what about all the fisherman out there? They deserve a chance to get sweet stuff too. After all, without them I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such delicacies as grilled Pickerel (or “walleye” for our American friends), or the cinematic genius that is Deadliest Catch (it’s on the Discovery Channel, and you should totally watch it). So for TODAY ONLY, we’re doing 25% off ALL Scotty Fishing Accessories. This includes everything from bait casters, to rod holders, to rod mounts, and more. And remember, ya gotta become a fan of our Facebook page to get the sweet deals. So hop on over to www.facebook.com/SwiftCanoeandKayak and “Like” us. Come on, we like you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


For TODAY ONLY, Buy ANY Kayak Paddle at Regular Price and Get ANY Skirt For 1/2 Price!

Captains Log, Swift Desk #0001, 0900 hours: Day 2 of Swiftmas has arrived. We’re offering 50% off skirts with the purchase of a paddle. I fear we may have bitten off more than we can chew and might not make it until the end of the week, let alone until the end of Swiftmas. But alas, we must carry on in the name of Paddlor, God of paddling and overseer of Swiftmas (also known as my boss). ALL HAIL PADDLOR!

For TODAY ONLY, we’re offering 50% OFF all in-stock skirts with the purchase of ANY kayak paddle. We have paddles from Carlisle, Werner, Harmony, and others, and we’ve got TONS of skirts from Wilderness Systems, Immersion Research, Harmony, and Swift. Like literally tons. Our stock room is going to implode. Stop by Swift Muskoka or Swift South River if you’re awesome and you like getting awesome stuff, or give us a call toll free at 1-800-661-1429 if you’re equally awesome but just don’t want to put on pants.

And remember, you only have until 5pm (EST) TODAY to get it on this offer!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Well folks, Swiftmas is here. I know, I know, I never thought I’d see the day either. I’m crying tears of joy as we speak. A whole holiday season, just for paddlers! And since we promised to make the deals more awesomer as we get closer to Christmas, we’re gonna ease into this whole thing. So for TODAY ONLY, all our in-stock Werner paddles are 25% off. No, that’s not a typo. 25% off all in-stock Werner paddles. I repeat, 25% OFF ALL IN-STOCK WERNER PADDLES. Not a bad way to start things off eh? We’ve got overstock on the Werner Camano (fiberglass), Shuna (fiberglass), Compulsion (carbon), Athena (carbon), and Kalliste (carbon) in a variety of sizes and colors. We even got’em in straight shaft and bent shaft too! These bad boys retail between $259 and $499 depending on the model, so you can save anywhere from $65 to $125 smackaroos! That’s like, a lot of money. So give us a call toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or stop by Swift Muskoka or Swift South River if you want to pick one up. You've got 8 hours and counting....

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello Paddling Enthusiasts,

As you may or may not now, Christmas is coming. All that fluffy white stuff on the ground kinda gave it away (we're pretty perceptive). And because that accumulation of fluffy white stuff means we can't skip work and go paddling, Swift Canoe & Kayak has decided to jump on the seasonal-retailer-discount-bandwagon and offer up some goodies at sweeeet prices. Starting tomorrow, Friday December 3rd and running until Tuesday December 14th, Swift will be doing THE 12 DAYS OF SWIFTMAS (catchy name right?). Every day at 10am, we'll be posting a one-day discount on a particular item. From Werner Paddles, to Swift clothing, to paddling gear, to even some awesome boats, we're giving our Facebook fans 12 chances to buy sweet stuff at sweeter prices. And because we enjoy building suspense, the sales will get bigger and more awesomer as we get closer to Christmas! Trust me, by the 12th day you'll be exhausted from having your mind blown for the previous 11 consecutive days . These kick-bum items will be available in-store, or you can call and order by phone if you can't get to our stores. Heck, we'll even ship the item to you if like.

So, if you aren't a Facebook fan of Swift Canoe & Kayak, now would be the time to consult with your children (or other tech-savvy equivalent) about how to become a Facebook fan. Or, if you're feeling saucy check out www.facebook.com/SwiftCanoeandKayak and hit "Like." Yep, it's really that simple. And just a word of warning, it turns out Rudolf's Red-Light Shipping Co. is booked solid until Boxing Day, so if we need to ship something to you we'll be using Canada Post (who, FYI, are seriously lacking in holiday cheer and charge shipping fees to make themselves feel better)

So stay tuned and check out the Swift Facebook page tomorrow at 10am for the first Swiftmas sale item. It's gonna be so awesome, you have no idea...

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Deal of The Week is Baaaaack!

With Christmas quickly approaching, Swift is bringing you a new canoe and kayak each week at great off-season prices. This week we've got a Kevlar Fusion Kiwassa 12.6 in our new Aqua color scheme, and a Royalex Swift Dumoine up for grabs. The Aqua color scheme got a lot of attention down at the Cottage Life show this past weekend in Toronto, so if you're looking for a great kayak in time for Christmas now is your chance! And if you're like most of the Swift boys and fancy yourself a whitewater paddler, the Dumoine is an industry favorite as a multi-purpose flat water touring/whitewater canoe. It's a great boat for tackling rapids or doubling as a high-volume flatwater tripper. So if you've been saving up your pennies now might be the time to crack open that piggy bank and buy yourself a nice Christmas present. Heck, you might even have a few pennies leftover to buy a present for someone else too! Give us a call toll free at 1-800-661-1429 if you have any questions about these babies, or about our great off-season prices for that matter!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sneak Preview Part II- Introducing Swift's New "Aqua" Kayaks

Things have been busy here at Swift Canoe & Kayak. Never ones to sit by the window waiting for Spring, or lounge around packing on the winter weight eating timbits by the box (okay, well maybe a little...), the Swift Factory Team has perfected a new color scheme for 2010.

In the second part of our "Sneak Preview" series, Swift Canoe & Kayak is proud to unveil the new "Aqua" color scheme for kayaks. Replacing "Raspberry" in our palette of available colors, the new "Aqua" kayaks have a shine to them that really grabs the light (and your eye!). When coupled with our new "Barracuda" Kevlar cloth, the Aqua/Silver color combination is a real attention getter. Shown below is the first production line of Swift Aqua kayaks in a variety of color and laminate options. These new Aqua boats are now available for order and purchase, or you can swing by Swift Muskoka or Swift South River to check them out. If you're too far to make the trip you can call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or ask the gents down at the Fall Cottage Life/DIY Weekend Show at the Toronto International Center, going on this weekend (Nov 26-28). We even took a couple down to the show, so stop in and check them out!

Adirondack 12LT in Barracuda Kevlar & Kiwassa 12.6 in Kevlar Fusion (with matching aqua hatches!)

The requisite close-up!

A Kiwassa 12.6LV in Carbon Fusion (with carbon hatches) & a Saranac Classic in Barracuda Kevlar (with barracuda hatches!)

All of our ducks sitting in a row!

Swift still has a couple more surprises to unveil over this off-season, so stay tuned for more...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneak Preview: A Swift Prototype Is Born

David Yost- boat designer and paddling purist

With another paddling season gone by, and with us all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring, the Swift R&D team has been busy engineering several new prototypes for future production. Here is a sneak peek at the development of a new Swift canoe, a boat we hope to unveil in 2011. While we can't give away too many secrets about the method behind the magic, this will give you a rare glimpse into the world of Swift Canoe Research & Development. These pictures depict the making of a new 16 foot canoe plug by David Yost, our principal boat designer and long-time colleague. In these pictures you'll see DY refining the hull using the tried and true methods of boat design. This hand-crafted, meticulously detailed, pine wood hull will become the foundation for a new canoe mould, eventually giving us the means to produce more of the high-quality composite boats our customers have come to love and expect. To learn more, keep an eye on Swift over the winter or stop by one of the many off-season trade shows and ask about our new designs. And of course, watch out for the unveiling of several new Swift designs in the coming months!

The Swift R&D Team completing the hull for the new canoe plug

Fine tuning the bow lines and rocker using hand shaped pine wood strips

Refining the hull shape to complete the master plug. Once the exterior hull shape is completed, the inserts will be removed and the inside will be sanded down and covered in a single layer of fiberglass to allow for mould production.

DY in his element

Stay tuned for more....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Week, Another Deal!

Another week has passed, and with that Swift has put up 2 more boats for sale as part of our new "Boats of the Week" feature. This week, a Kevlar Fusion Algonquin 16 canoe with Carbon-Kevlar trim and a Kevlar Fusion Adirondack 13.6 kayak are up for grabs at great off-season discounts! Check out www.swiftcanoe.com or our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SwiftCanoeandKayak) for all the details!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swift Is Now Offering A "Deal of the Week"!

For the rest of the off-season, Swift will be showcasing a different canoe and kayak each week in the "Featured Boats" section of our website! This week we are offering great discounts on a Swift Osprey solo canoe and a Swift Saranac Classic kayak. Check out www.swiftcanoe.com and click on the link on the main page for the latest off-season deals!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Swift Is Proud to be a Werner Top 5 Dealer!!

It's official - Swift has been named a top 5 Werner Dealer! And of course, we think that's a great reason to have a SALE!!

Between now and the 30th of September, we're offering 15% off all in stock Werner Paddles! Give us a call at 1-800-661-1429, or drop into our Gravenhurst store and mention our Top 5 Werner Dealer status to take advantage of sale pricing on our Werner stock!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Fall Clearance Sales have Started!!

That's right - it's that time of year again! Time for our Fall Clearance Sales!

This is when we start dropping prices on not only our Used and Demo boats, but our New boats as well. Stop by one of our stores, or plan to attend one of our road shows and get a great deal on the canoe or kayak you've been wanting all summer.

September 11 - 12 - Rideau Canoe Club, Ottawa,
September 18 - 19 - Swift Ontario Stores
September 24 - 26 - Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Guelph

We don't publish lists of exactly what will be at each sale, but we guarantee you won't be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you at one of our sales - and hey, bring a friend!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Put your Heart into it!!

Looking for a fun event for the whole family? Plan to attend the Paddle Rally for Heart in Barrie! This fun filled event runs from 8:30 am to 12pm on September 18th, 2010.

Join the fun at Centennial Beach and raise funds for critical life-saving heart and stroke research and education. Enjoy this fun, non-competitive rally in the man-powered boat of your choice - canoe, kayak, rowing shell or dragon boat - as you paddle around a 2km course in beautiful Kempenfelt Bay. Stay for the post-event refreshments, draw prizes and Spirit Awards!

Visit the website and register to do your fundraising online!

It's so easy to email your contacts and ask for pledges - and, your donors will receive their income tax receipt immediately! For those who prefer the old fashioned way, fundraising envelopes are available for download as well.

Thank you for putting your heart into it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swift and Badger Paddles are headed to MEC Paddlefest!

Swift Canoe and Kayak will be at MEC Paddlefest this weekend! Come on out and paddle the Swift line of canoes and kayaks at Sunnyside Beach in Toronto Saturday and Sunday. As well, check out the Badger Paddles lineup and give them a try in the water.

AND - if you are one of the FIRST TEN PEOPLE to mention this post to Mike in our booth, you'll get a FREE Badger Paddle Sock! Quite simply, the best and easiest way to store and protect your paddle!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Getting to Algonquin during the G8

Anyone traveling to our Algonquin location or planning a trip into the Park during the week of June 21-28 will need to be aware of road closures and security measures happening as a result of the G8 Summit.

Reproduced from the Algonquin Park website.

G8 Summit in the Algonquin Park Area
G8 LogoOn June 25 & 26, 2010, the G8 Summit comes to the Algonquin Park Area. Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States will be meeting at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario.
Throughout the week of June 21 - 28, 2010, a number of internationally protected persons and accompanying very important persons will travel to the Huntsville area with a significant number of support staff to attend the G8 Summit.

As a result, sections of Highway 60 between Huntsville and Dwight (near Deerhurst Resort) will be restricted. Visitors heading to Algonquin Park through Huntsville must seek an alternate route.

At this time, no closures or restrictions within Algonquin Park are expected -- it is business as normal. All Park facilities and services are available during the G8, but travel to the Park along Highway 60 will be restricted. See the map below for comprehensive travel restrictions and alternate routes to Algonquin Park.

G8 Travel Restrictions Map
For More Information:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Truckload of Hobies Arrives!

The Swift Outdoor Centre was happy to see our Hobie shipment arrive this morning! Lots and lots of Hobies just waiting to go home and be paddled this summer!

The most popular Hobie model over the years has been the Adventure Island, a 16' Trimaran "Sail/yak" that incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDrive ™ into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water.

For those that like to fish, the most popular choice seems to be the Hobie Mirage Outback SUV. A great Hobie for fishing, hunting or shooting photos. The Outback comes with four molded-in fishing rod holders, storage hatches and large on-deck cargo area.

Stop in to one of our stores to see these unique boats and take one for a test paddle. We're sure you're going to love them as much as we do.

Please call 1-800-661-1429 with any questions or inquiries as to inventory and availability.