Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Swift Canoe & Kayak Line-Up Unveiling!

2014 is here and Swift is thrilled to announce the unveiling of several exciting new additions to our lineup. We strive to represent the forefront of technological advancement within our industry, and we believe our 2014 designs are a testament to our enduring philosophy. Our customers told us what they'd like to help maximize their time on the water, and we listened. From tweaks and upgrades, to new designs and new boats, these new products are a direct reflection of our customers and their desire for the best watercraft possible. We're confident you're going to enjoy paddling them as much as we've enjoyed building them. So, without further ado.....

1) The Northern Canoe Company 

Introducing The Northern Canoe Company (click to enlarge)
Swift is extremely excited to announce the addition of a new line of canoes for 2014. The Northern Canoe Company will be a new division at Swift, devoted to building the most capable and robust canoes in the industry. Already in production and available to order, the Northern Prospector 16 and Northern Outfitter 16 are two multi-purpose canoes designed to satisfy the needs of families and outfitters alike. Available in Fibreglass or Expedition Kevlar construction, these boats offer an expedition capable canoe at an economical price. 

Each canoe will come available with aluminum or vinyl trim, an ash wood interior, and a shoe keel. Ranging from 68 lbs (Fibreglass) to 54 lbs (Expedition Kevlar), these Northern Canoes can handle whatever the wilderness may throw at them. 

The Northern Outfitter 16

A hearty canoe for the adventurous, the Northern Outfitter 16 is a workhorse. With ample weight capacity and a straight tracking shoe keel, the whole family can travel with confidence wherever the water may lead. Whether you’re planning an afternoon on the lake or a deep woods trek, the Outfitter 16 is an earnest adventurer.

The Northern Outfitter 16 (click to enlarge)
The Northern Outfitter 16 (click to enlarge)
The Northern Prospector 16

If tripping is in your heart, the Northern Prospector 16 embodies the Prospector tradition with a graceful fusion of form and function. A sleek canoe with moderate rocker and sharp entry lines, the Northern Prospector is at home anywhere on the diverse waterways of the Canadian wilderness. Whether you’re headed down the river or across the lake, the Prospector 16 satisfies the robust demands of backcountry trippers.
The Northern Prospector 16 (click to enlarge)
The Northern Prospector 16 with Shoe Keel (click to enlarge)
Northern Prospector 16- Kevlar with aluminum trim (click to enlarge)
Ready for action (click to enlarge)

2) The Kiwassa 14

Our Adirondack 13.6 recreational kayak has always been a hit with paddlers who want a little extra cockpit size without sacrificing performance. Taking that a step further, the all-new Kiwassa 14 offers a roomy cockpit with a narrower hull shape and longer length, creating a balanced hybrid between stability and tracking. At 14 feet it offers the smooth tracking and glide of our Saranac touring kayaks, but with a little more volume in the middle the Kiwassa 14 will accommodate anyone. Available in all our standard laminates and color options, the Kiwassa 14 is available for order for spring 2014. 

Designer David Yost refining the Kiwassa 14 hull shape (click to enlarge)
Prototype testing of the Kiwassa 14 and Keewaydin 14 on Canadice Lake, NY (click to enlarge)
The original Kiwassa 14 prototype (click to enlarge)
The completed layup for the deck (click to enlarge)
An ample cockpit with more leg room for easier access (click to enlarge)
Compared to our standard touring cockpit size, the Kiwassa 14 will have more leg room and easier accessibility (click to enlarge)

3) The Keewaydin 14 Solo Canoe 

The all-new Keewaydin 14 solo canoe. Available in both traditional solo canoe and pack boat configurations (click to enlarge)

Solo paddlers are oftentimes some of the most knowledgeable customers we get, and their desire for a compact and refined solo canoe inspired us to create the Keewaydin 14. Offering a slightly narrower paddling station than its big brother the Keewaydin 15, the Keewaydin 14 has the same dynamic performance of the 15 but with even better responsiveness. Quick on the turn and quick up to speed, the Keewaydin 14 is the perfect fit for smaller paddlers and those who travel light. Even more, it will be available in both the traditional canoe configuration (with a fixed or sliding centre seat), or in a Pack boat configuration with a fixed kayak seat and footbraces. Available in all our standard composite laminates and options, the Keewaydin 14 is in production now!

4) Carbon Fiber End Caps

Carbon Fiber is lightweight, strong, and elegant. For tasteful paddlers who want to add the final touch to their boat, carbon end caps will make your boat a real head turner. Available as a $50 upgrade over conventional vinyl end caps, these new end caps come with an embedded Swift logo and contour around lightweight Carbon-Kevlar trim. 

The first completed carbon fiber Swift embossed end cap (click to enlarge)

5) Textreme Carbon Fiber Hull Design 

Advancements in carbon fiber technology are changing the way we design products. It has changed the approach of the automotive, sailing, hockey, cycling, and aerospace worlds, to name a few, and its effect on the paddlesports industry is growing exponentially. Swift is excited to announce the 'Textreme' Carbon Fusion hull option, which incorporates a uniquely patterned high-tension carbon-fiber cloth. This creates an ultra-lightweight canoe that's got an unmatched strength:weight ratio. Using our signature resin infusion process, the 'Textreme' cloth generates a unique pattern on the hull that's coupled with increased abrasion resistance compared to our standard carbon cloth. If you want a canoe that's as light as it is sleek, there's nothing out there like Textreme. 

Textreme Carbon Fiber Swift Prospector 15 with matching Carbon end caps (click to enlarge)

The products mentioned above will be unveiled at the Toronto Boat Show starting THIS SATURDAY. We'll have more pictures available soon as the first completed boats haven't even been unwrapped yet!

The best  part of all, is that there is even more on the way that we can't release yet! We'll have more information and details soon...(hint: I hope you like carbon-fiber)

The Details:

Toronto International Boat Show Information-

Swift will be there with reps from Badger Paddles, Wilderness Systems, SupLove Paddleboards, BluWave Paddleboards, and Werner Paddles. We'll be doing demo's in the pool for the entire show in canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding, so check out the show schedule and come join us! Click HERE for the show schedule.