Friday, February 24, 2012

The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show Starts Today!

Swift Canoe & Kayak is at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show this weekend, and we've got all kinds of cool stuff in store for 2012. We've got new kayak models, new canoe models, new color schemes, new laminates, and all kinds of other cool features that we'll be showcasing at the show. Since our release of our new "Flax Fusion" canoes we've gotten quite a bit of interest from paddlers and industry folk alike, so here's a couple new behind the scenes photos of our new Flax Fusion boats. These boats will be at the show this weekend, so stop by the Swift booth and say hi! The show runs this weekend, Feb 24-26th, at the International Centre, and there's more info below. Hope to see you there!

Show Details:

1) The Outdoor Adventure Show Website:

2) Print this coupon for 2-for-1 Admission:

3) We'll be doing an in-water demonstration entitled "Solo Canoe Choices" with our paddling guru Skip Taylor on Saturday  at 3 p.m and Sunday at 12 p.m in the whitewater pool (and I'd bet my last dollar he'll be in the Flax Fusion Keewaydin 15 for that). Check out the demo schedule here:

4) Information about the Flax Fusion laminate:

5) Our last blog post showcasing our new canoe designs, our new kayaks, the 2012 color schemes, the new all-carbon Pack boats, and more!

And now the pictures...

The first ever Flax Fusion Adirondack 13.6 with our new adjustable lumbar high-back seat. 

Close-up. You can actually see the strands of the flax fibre. Creates a great vintage look. 

The first ever Flax Fusion boat was a Keewaydin 15. This is the second one we  built.  We're pretty confident this new canoe is going to be popular, it's a really fun boat to paddle. 

Close-up the upgraded Carbon-Kevlar trim. It's got a new pattern and a new profile. Great for grabbing onto for portages!

The first ever Kipawa in Flax Fusion

All natural cherry wood interior. The wood is treated with a natural hemp oil. Not only is it environmentally safe, it keeps your wood looking fresh!

The new "Flax Fusion" sticker. Cool huh?

All new Flax Fusion boats will have a Kevlar cloth interior with flax fabric float tanks. Neat looking floating tank isn't it?

Close-up of the new float tank 

Skip Taylor doing his solo paddling clinic at the Toronto Boat Show in the Keewaydin 15. Look for Skip on Saturday and Sunday in the main pool doing his "Solo Canoe Choices" seminar