Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winter Reading Assignment (Kinda, but not really...)

= Quality Reading Material

‘Sup Paddlers?

We figured since its looking pretty bleak and increasingly ‘blah’ out there that we’d offer you some delightful reading material to get you through those upcoming difficult, snow-filled months. What can we say, we’re thoughtful like that. It just so happens that we have a growing database of paddling articles that have got some pretty nifty information about stuff like winter storage tips, gel coat repair tips, maintenance suggestions for canoes and kayaks, whitewater outfitting instructions, and a bunch of other cool information I can’t recall right now.

- So if you find yourself sitting by the fireplace, sipping on some hot cocoa and watching the leaves turn, here’s a little reading material to help improve your evening. Just click on over to our Scribd page here:

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