Friday, January 13, 2012

SNEAK PREVIEW: What's New In 2012

Well...ladies and gentlemen, IT'S TIME!

After stirring up some hype, it's time to finally unveil all the new upgrades we've got in store for 2012. We've got some great new stuff this year that we think you're really going to like. Let's get right to it, shall we? Here is just SOME of the amazing stuff that Swift Canoe & Kayak will be releasing in 2012:

The Boats

The All-New Keewaydin 15 Solo Canoe

The all-new Keewaydin 15 is David Yost’s latest solo canoe design, and it’s an unparalleled balance of comfort and performance. The performance lies in its enhanced tumblehome and mid-range waterline, making it ultra-responsive when leaned or heeled. The comfort comes from its shallow arch hull and moderate width, making it stable not just for kneeling paddlers , but paddlers who sit as well. Whether you’re headed deep into the backcountry or around the cottage, the Keewaydin 15’s user-friendly feel will put you at ease, freeing you up to enjoy the beauty around you. 
The Keewaydin 15 Prototype, just before it became the beautiful boat you see below.
The first Keewaydin 15. What's that unusual color, you ask? You can read more about that below.

The All-New Saranac 15 Kayak

The Saranac 15 is the newest member of the Saranac family. This David Yost design follows the traditions of its predecessors by utilizing the same distinctive style and pleasing shape, but offers more space under the deck for larger paddlers and an increased waterline for better glide. As light as 34 lbs, it accelerates with ease and maintains speed with minimal effort, making it the easy choice for adventurous paddlers or those who need a little more leg room. If you demand the size and performance of a bigger boat but don’t want the burden that comes with it, the Saranac 15 fills this niche with style.
The Saranac 15 on her maiden voyage along the waterfront in Toronto. 
The All-New Bering Sea XL

The Bering Sea XL is ideally suited for the larger sized paddler who is looking for more than average performance. Complimented by beautiful craftsmanship and durable, lightweight construction, the Bering Sea XL has rounded chines and a moderate rocker with a spacious cockpit. It handles wind and waves with predictability. It's long waterline length, flared hull design and generous hatches create ample storage for a kayak of it's size.
Bill Swift himself putting the Bering XL through its paces.
The Swift Osprey 'Combi' Edition

For the Osprey 'Combi,' we've taken our popular Osprey solo canoe and added a multi-function kayak style seating configuration. The new seating system is elevated slightly off the hull and incorporates adjustable foot braces and our new High-Back Seat with lumbar support. This unique seat fits right into the existing sliding seat configuration, allowing you to interchange between a canoe or kayak seat in just minutes. The new 'Combi' Edition is ideal for birdwatchers, fisherman, or those who want the functionality of a canoe/kayak hybrid. 

The Technology

Flax Fusion

Swift is redefining modern canoe composition by introducing its most environmentally responsible laminate yet; the all-new Flax Fusion. Using naturally grown flax fiber cloth layers surrounding an inner Kevlar layer, as well as an eco-friendly Vinylester resin that minimizes waste, Flax Fusion produces the same robust boats you require but without the environmental impact. Interior finishes are done in high-quality cherry wood with organic hemp strapping for the seats, making these boats the most enviro-conscious composite canoes on the market. As paddlers, we treasure our partnership with Nature, and this is our way of keeping that bond strong. 

The first Flax Fusion canoe ever made, coupled with the first Keewaydin 15 ever made!
All Flax Fusion boats will have cherry wood seats woven with organic hemp strapping.
The new Flax Fusion laminate is comprised of naturally grown flax fiber sandwiching  inner Kevlar, giving it a distinctive brown color and vintage look. 

Carbon-Kevlar Gunwale Re-Design

Swift is introducing a stunning new re-design of our unique Carbon Kevlar Trim for 2012. The new trim has a contoured profile that incorporates an outer lip, creating an even stronger trim system with better grip for portaging. The new Carbon and Kevlar pattern also has a more durable coating finish for strength and long term durability. The new gunwale system is available in our Kevlar and Carbon Fusion laminates and can be upgraded with Cherry wood decks emblazed with our logo and matching outer gunwale strips. 
The new profile does away with the outer vinyl strip, instead  using the gunwale itself to provide the  outer lip. Great for carrying and portaging, and maintenance free!
The new Carbon-Kevlar Trim comes standard with black or brown vinyl end caps, and is available with a cherry wood outer/end cap upgrade.

Adirondack Pack Boat 'Tech Package'

Swift’s Adirondack Pack boats will have an exciting new look for 2012. Their new trim system incorporates a new Carbon Kevlar gunwale profile without using wood, instead integrating lightweight Carbon decks, handles and thwarts! These new boats will also have our new ultra-comfortable high back seating system with lumbar support, including an optional Sliding Seat System that allows the paddler to trim the boat easily for different loads. 
The new ultralight carbon decks and carrying handles. The components are integrated into the boat without drilling a single hole! 
A Carbon Fusion Adirondack Pack 12 with the full 'Tech' upgrade with carbon decks, handles, and thwarts. SO light!
A Kevlar Fusion Adirondack Pack 12 with the full 'Tech' upgrade. Both the seat and the footbraces are bonded directly  to the interior, so no holes are drilled into the hull!
Our Pack Boats are available with a sliding seat configuration that allows you to re-position the seat for better trim.   The lumber pad is fully adjustable, allowing you to find the best possible paddling position. 
The new Deluxe High Back Seats also fold down for easier transport and storage.
Limited Edition Textral Carbon Canoes

Swift is now producing limited edition canoes with Textral Carbon Cloth. The Textral Carbon possesses a unique pattern within the cloth, adding a sleek and distinctive style to our Carbon Fusion laminate. Combined with our new Carbon Kevlar Trim, the limited edition Textral Carbon Swift canoes are the most unique lightweight canoes on the market!

The new Textral cloth has a dynamic pattern woven into the carbon fiber that syncs with the braid of the trim, creating a unique canoe that exists nowhere else!
The Colours

New Kevlar 'Barracuda' Color Options- Sage, Gold

Swift is now offering boats with gorgeous Gold and Sage Barracuda finishes.  These new colours offer a fine complement to our current Silver Barracuda finish.  All 3 Barracuda finishes are available on our kayak hulls, Pack Boats and Canoes. 

Kevlar Fusion Prospector 16 in Sage Barracuda with Two-Tone Champagne Hull
Kevlar Fusion Prospector 16 in Gold Barracuda with Two-Tone Champagne Hull and re-designed Carbon-Kevlar trim

Limited Edition Kayak Color Schemes- Apple, Moss, & Grape
For 2012 Swift is proud to offer its first edition of Limited Edition Kayaks, available in 3 exciting new colours; Apple, Moss and Grape. These limited edition kayaks are also available with our new Barracuda hull finishes; Gold, Sage and Silver. The hatches can be ordered in the matching Barracuda hull color or to match the deck colour!
A Kiwassa 13.2 in Apple with a Gold Barracuda hull and matching hatches
Hatches can be made to match the deck color, or can be made in a Barracuda finish that matches your hull!
Kiwassa 12.6 in Moss with a Sage Barracuda hull. 
Saranac Classic in Grape with clear Carbon hull.
We're pretty excited about what 2012 will bring, and we hope you are too! This is just a preview, so keep an eye on our websites in the coming weeks for more information. And feel free to give us your feedback and let us know what you think. After all, we build these boats for you!

- The Swift Team

See you on the water!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's That Time Of Year Again! The Toronto International Boat Show is Almost Here!

Well paddlers, it's that time of year again!

 The Toronto International Boat Show is coming up January 14th-22nd at the Direct Energy Center in downtown T.O. As always, Swift Canoe & Kayak will be there, and this year we've got some amazing stuff to show you. We'll be unveiling several new things for 2012, including amazing new lightweight boat features, new color schemes, new technology, and a new boat! Not only will we be showcasing our new 2012 additions, we'll also be offering stellar discounts on existing stock and taking 2012 spring orders. So come visit us and the booth and chat us up. 

The Details

When: January 14th-22nd
Where: Direct Energy Center, Toronto Ontario
What's There: EVERYTHING about boating & the outdoors. Check out the exhibitors HERE
Where Will Swift Be: How To Find Us At The Show
Who's With Us: Our good friends at Badger Paddles
What's Going On: Not only will be active at our booths, we'll also be giving demonstrations in Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and Rowing every day on the indoor lake. You can check out the list of shows HERE

Other Information:

 - Swift on Twitter
- Swift on Facebook
- E-mail Inquiries:
- Phone Inquiries: 1-800-661-1429

This is the biggest paddling event of the year, so come out and join us! Bring the family and the kids and make a day of it. You don't even have to be on the market for a new boat, there are all kinds of cool things to do including free seminars from some of the world's greatest explorers, paddling on the world's largest indoor lake, AND seeing the world's best waterskiiing dog (pretty cool huh?).

The world's largest indoor lake inside the Ricoh Coliseum. We'll be doing Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and Rowing demonstrations/seminars every day of the show. You can check out the list of shows HERE
Our resident paddling guru Skip Taylor doing a solo paddling demonstration at last year's show. He'll be back again this year doing SUP demos!
Look for the big Swift sign and come visit!

Hope to see you there!