Friday, November 26, 2010

Sneak Preview Part II- Introducing Swift's New "Aqua" Kayaks

Things have been busy here at Swift Canoe & Kayak. Never ones to sit by the window waiting for Spring, or lounge around packing on the winter weight eating timbits by the box (okay, well maybe a little...), the Swift Factory Team has perfected a new color scheme for 2010.

In the second part of our "Sneak Preview" series, Swift Canoe & Kayak is proud to unveil the new "Aqua" color scheme for kayaks. Replacing "Raspberry" in our palette of available colors, the new "Aqua" kayaks have a shine to them that really grabs the light (and your eye!). When coupled with our new "Barracuda" Kevlar cloth, the Aqua/Silver color combination is a real attention getter. Shown below is the first production line of Swift Aqua kayaks in a variety of color and laminate options. These new Aqua boats are now available for order and purchase, or you can swing by Swift Muskoka or Swift South River to check them out. If you're too far to make the trip you can call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 or ask the gents down at the Fall Cottage Life/DIY Weekend Show at the Toronto International Center, going on this weekend (Nov 26-28). We even took a couple down to the show, so stop in and check them out!

Adirondack 12LT in Barracuda Kevlar & Kiwassa 12.6 in Kevlar Fusion (with matching aqua hatches!)

The requisite close-up!

A Kiwassa 12.6LV in Carbon Fusion (with carbon hatches) & a Saranac Classic in Barracuda Kevlar (with barracuda hatches!)

All of our ducks sitting in a row!

Swift still has a couple more surprises to unveil over this off-season, so stay tuned for more...