Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need A Little Help Getting That Boat On Your Car?

(this picture should demonstrate our mastery of the art of tie-downs)

'Sup Paddling People?

We were sitting around the shop and realized that with spring coming and all, you're probably getting pretty antsy to go paddling. We know we are (and sitting around the shop isn't helping). And since we have a vast knowledge of all things buoyant we know that getting your canoe or kayak on your vehicle isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it's a downright pain and can make getting on the water a hassle. So we decided to write down some helpful tips so that you, the joyous paddler, can get out there and ride the waves (or just flat water, if that's how you roll. Pun intended). Check out our database of cool articles over at www.scribd.com/SwiftCanoe and read up on some helpful tips for tying down your boat and getting you where you need to go! You can also read up on all kinds of helpful information about paddling, from winter storage tips, to understanding how to find the right boat for you, to learning how to "speak good boat"!

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