Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The 2016 Swift Canoe & Kayak Product Launch!

Welcome Paddlers!

We always strive to bring you leading edge products at the forefront of the industry, and this year is no different. For 2016 we've developed some exciting new products that will make our canoes and kayaks even lighter, stronger than ever before. We'll be unveiling them at the Toronto International Boat Show, which starts this Friday January 8th until Sunday January 17th. We'll be there with strong representation from all our favorite brands, including Badger Paddles, BluWave SUP, Wilderness Systems, Perception, Hobie Kayaks, Werner Paddles, and more. We'll have reps from every brand present during the show to help you find the product that best suits your needs.

But if you can't make it to the show, here's what's in store for 2016!


From Top Left- Firestorm, Citron, Carbon Fiber with 'Aqua' Frost, Indigo, Boreal, and Basalt
1) New Kayak Colour Schemes And Customizable Paint Options

For 2016 we've designed several new colour schemes and customizable paint options that are really exciting. The best part? They're no additional cost! For 2016 we're offering new "colour fades" in Firestorm (Red/Mango/Yellow), Citron (Lime/Yellow), Boreal (Forest Green/Lime Green), Berry (Grape/Aqua), and Indigo (Grape/Raspberry). These colour fades will blend 2 colours across the deck of your boat, giving a sleek design that's bright and eye-catching.

We've also designed a way to "frost" our kayaks with a perimeter colour accent around the midline. These will be available with any laminate and any colour scheme. This adds a subtle touch of colour to almost any color scheme, and looks especially sharp using a black carbon fiber backdrop.

Aqua 'Frost' on a Carbon Fusion Adirondack 12LT


Clear Coat 'Barracuda'  kayak decks will be available with 'Scrim' patterning at no additional charge. These new decks mix an aluminized exterior cloth with a weave pattern that creates a sleek aesthetic. 
The Boreal colour fade on a Kiwassa 12.6

2) Carbon Fiber Canoe 'Tech Package' With Full Composite Interior

Our biggest tech advancement for 2016 is the creation of a full carbon fiber canoe interior. No more wood. No more nuts and bolts. No more maintenance. No more degradation of the components. These new boats use entirely composite parts, reducing weight, minimizing maintenance, and creating a significantly stronger boat with greater structural integrity. There isn't a single piece of metal or wood in the boat. Our new carbon fiber seats will come in several configurations to accommodate for different sized paddlers, as well as those who sit or kneel. These new Tech Package boats will also include carbon fiber end caps, carrying handles, yoke, and thwarts. We've also introduced a carbon fiber kneeling thwart to complete the aesthetic.

A Kevlar Fusion Keewaydin 17 with Full Carbon Tech Package- this includes carbon fiber end caps, carry handles, seats, thwarts, and yoke.
The new carbon fiber seats will come in several different sizes and styles for sitting or kneeling paddlers, as well as those of different sizes and preferences. 
The new kneeling seat, designed for paddlers who intermix sitting and kneeling, as well as those who travel from side to side depending on the paddling scenario

A full carbon kneeling thwart. Lighter, stronger, and better designed than its traditional wood counterpart. 
3) The Swift Chicot 17'

Swift has had a longstanding affiliation with Camp Keewaydin in Temagami, ON. The camp has traditionally used beautiful cedar-canvas tripping canoes made by Salmon Falls Canoe. While they'll continue to use these beautiful boats for most of their tripping, we've been able to take the classic Chicot design and build it using resin infusion, thus creating a lighter boat that can handle the backcountry without the weight burden. A 17' traditional tripping canoe, the Chicot is a beautiful boat. Made for seasoned paddlers who log miles and need something that can handle almost any scenario, the Chicot does it all. With great performance interlaced with a high weight capacity and traditional appearance, the Chicot is made for the backcountry.

We hope to see you at the Toronto International Boat Show in the coming weeks, but if you can't make it contact with any questions or give us a call at 1-800-661-1429. Here's to a great 2016!