Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We've got Lightweight Kayaks!

If you're like me, you love paddling, but don't care much for long hikes to the water and getting your boat on and off your car. Take a look at these two lightweight kayaks that will change the way you feel about carrying your boat!

Saranac 14 Classic - Carbon Fusion (shown Left)
The Saranac 14 Classic is a sleeker version of our popular Saranac 14, but the Classic is built with smaller paddlers in mind, offering a lower deck than the Sport to better accommodate a shorter torso. The sleeker deck design and squared composite hatch covers front and back make the Classic 2 lbs lighter than the 14 Sport. Ideal for light touring and day trips, the 14 Classic is one sexy kayak.
As shown in Carbon Fusion Clear Coat it weighs in at just 30 lbs!

Adirondack 12 LT - Kevlar Fusion (shown Right)
The Adirondack 12 LT is the same below the waterline as the Adirondack 12, but is built with the
smaller person in mind, offering a narrower cockpit and lower deck height. The clean deck design without hatches or bulkheads affords the LT 2 lbs. less weight than the Adirondack 12.
Ideal for exploring and day trips, the 12LT is so light you'll want to carry it everywhere!
As shown in Kevlar Fusion Clear Coat it weighs in at just 25 lbs!

Order yours today for Spring delivery by calling us at 1.800.661.1429