Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello Paddling Enthusiasts,

As you may or may not now, Christmas is coming. All that fluffy white stuff on the ground kinda gave it away (we're pretty perceptive). And because that accumulation of fluffy white stuff means we can't skip work and go paddling, Swift Canoe & Kayak has decided to jump on the seasonal-retailer-discount-bandwagon and offer up some goodies at sweeeet prices. Starting tomorrow, Friday December 3rd and running until Tuesday December 14th, Swift will be doing THE 12 DAYS OF SWIFTMAS (catchy name right?). Every day at 10am, we'll be posting a one-day discount on a particular item. From Werner Paddles, to Swift clothing, to paddling gear, to even some awesome boats, we're giving our Facebook fans 12 chances to buy sweet stuff at sweeter prices. And because we enjoy building suspense, the sales will get bigger and more awesomer as we get closer to Christmas! Trust me, by the 12th day you'll be exhausted from having your mind blown for the previous 11 consecutive days . These kick-bum items will be available in-store, or you can call and order by phone if you can't get to our stores. Heck, we'll even ship the item to you if like.

So, if you aren't a Facebook fan of Swift Canoe & Kayak, now would be the time to consult with your children (or other tech-savvy equivalent) about how to become a Facebook fan. Or, if you're feeling saucy check out and hit "Like." Yep, it's really that simple. And just a word of warning, it turns out Rudolf's Red-Light Shipping Co. is booked solid until Boxing Day, so if we need to ship something to you we'll be using Canada Post (who, FYI, are seriously lacking in holiday cheer and charge shipping fees to make themselves feel better)

So stay tuned and check out the Swift Facebook page tomorrow at 10am for the first Swiftmas sale item. It's gonna be so awesome, you have no idea...