Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The SWIFTMAS Self-Imposed Hiatus is Over! IT'S BAAACCKK!

Well, Swiftmas is almost over.... I know, I know, it's tragic. And our apologies for the 2 day hiatus. We're not going to offer any excuses (although there are some good ones that I came up with- like the fact I slept in yesterday), so we're going to claim that it was an intentional tactic to build suspense. Exhilarating huh? So to make up for our jerkish tactics, we're going to go out with a bang. A boat bang! So for TODAY ONLY, all of our new Kevlar Fusion and Carbon Fusion boats are $500 OFF! That's right, ANY new canoe or kayak in our inventory is $500 off the regular retail price. We've got plenty of kayaks, including some in our new Aqua color scheme, and boatloads of canoes in all makes and models (see what I did there? Ha, boatloads...). We've got Adirondacks, Kiwassas, Saranacs, and the like. We've got Kipawas, Algonquins, Keewaydins, Dumoines, you name it. You can even check our inventory online at So call us toll free at 1-800-661-1429 and pick up a great boat today. This is your second to last chance to capitalize on Swiftmas!Ka-BOOM!