Sunday, December 5, 2010

SWIFTMAS CONTINUES! 25% OFF Scotty Fishing Accessories TODAY ONLY!

25% off Scotty Fishing Accessories TODAY ONLY!

Day 3 is here and we figured, hey, what about all the fisherman out there? They deserve a chance to get sweet stuff too. After all, without them I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such delicacies as grilled Pickerel (or “walleye” for our American friends), or the cinematic genius that is Deadliest Catch (it’s on the Discovery Channel, and you should totally watch it). So for TODAY ONLY, we’re doing 25% off ALL Scotty Fishing Accessories. This includes everything from bait casters, to rod holders, to rod mounts, and more. And remember, ya gotta become a fan of our Facebook page to get the sweet deals. So hop on over to and “Like” us. Come on, we like you!